Allset Brings People Back to Restaurants for Lunch

Food delivery startups are having an effect on restaurant lunch service. Luckily, Allset has developed an App to help restaurants bring people back inside by offering a quicker lunch service.

Restaurants are suffering from a drop in visitors, especially during lunchtime, due to competition from food delivery startups. Forbes even wrote that food delivery startups should be called by their real name – restaurants. The article explains that these food delivery startups are now competing with traditional restaurants. Meanwhile, the demand for delivery is huge and continually growing. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 74% of millennials said they would order delivery if available, while 56% of adults would. As people seem to be busier and busier at work, they are choosing delivery for lunch, hurting a restaurant’s seated service.

To help reach people who think they are too busy to go to lunch and instead order delivery, restaurants are now offering a quicker lunch service by partnering with Allset. Today, Allset is serving over 2,000 orders per month across more than 150 restaurants in San Francisco and New York City. San Francisco’s Les Clos has seen a 25% increase in lunch sales since partnering with Allset. You can read about the App in Eater here. Allset allows people to book tables, order, and pay ahead for lunch, which is served shortly after arrival. The app can save diners up to 30 minutes of the time usually spent ordering and waiting during their lunch break. Stas Matviyenko, CEO of Allset, said, “We’re creating a better way for busy people to have lunch. Our goal is to help people take a real break, save time, and enjoy the full restaurant experience. We partner with local restaurants to evolve their hospitality and bring busy people back inside for lunch.”

Restaurants interested in Allset can register here. Allset now also offers “Allset for Business”, a solution allowing local companies to feed their employees at restaurants nearby and pay for their lunches – quick and easy. Allset for Business is a great opportunity for restaurants to serve corporate clients!

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