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As stated in California Assembly Bill 32, methane is a major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted into the atmosphere. In support of their goal to develop a realistic plan for reducing GHG emissions, the State of California wants to understand levels of methane emissions that occur after the gas meter from lines and gas-fired equipment in commercial buildings, including restaurants. This is natural gas that you as the restaurant owner are paying for, but is going into the atmosphere instead of being used!

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is an independent, not-for-profit research body focusing on the energy challenges in the natural gas industry, with much of their effort in California focused on energy efficiency and air quality.  GTI is leading the research project for the State of California in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to characterize the post-meter methane emissions from restaurants.

They’re looking for restaurants that are willing to participate in this effort. Two GTI employees will perform a single visit to your restaurant for a few hours to do a survey of the gas lines and combustion equipment (water heaters, cooking appliances, etc.).

Please see the attached flyer for frequently asked questions regarding participation: GTI Restaurant Fugitive Emissions Flyer 

Contact GTI and they’ll send you a Field Test Agreement to formalize your participation and answer any more questions you may have:

Eric Stubee (530-750-9255,
Merry Sweeney (224-565-7804,
Erin Case (530-848-4155, Stubee (530-750-9255,

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