Big Change in Food Safety Certification Providers

National Restaurant Association Acquires the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

Last week FSR reported the National Restaurant Association (providers of ServSafe Food Manager Certification) acquired the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (providers of NRFSP Food Manager Certification).  GGRA has used the National Registry of Food Safety Professional’s Food Manager Exam in our monthly Food Safety classes for many years as has the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Up until last week, these were the only two accredited organizations permitted to provide the Food Manager Certification.

GGRA spoke with our representatives at the NRFSP and they assured us nothing about what administrators of their exams offer will change. If any changes did occur, they wouldn’t take place until early 2017 and would not affect cost or quality.

GGRA will continue to offer our monthly Food Manager class/exam, as we have always done, in partnership with the SF Dept of Public Health, resulting in the Food Manager Certification. And members’ employees who need to retake their CA Food Handler Card test may do so using our program.

If you have any questions about this change, or if you wish to register someone for any of our upcoming Food Manager classes, contact Donnalyn or visit the Food Safety Program page on our website.

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