California Sick Leave Brings New Requirements for Employers

CA State Sick Leave went into effect on Wednesday, July 1. Here is a link to the State’s Sick Leave webinar with information on the new law and compliance. For employers in San Francisco and Oakland who have already been providing paid sick leave, you will have to comply with parts of the State law that are stricter than local jurisdictions. Here is a link to a chart from HRIdeas on where the different laws intersect and where they are different. Here is a link provided by San Francisco’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, highlighting new State law requirements. Part of the new requirement includes a written notice to employees; however, because San Francisco (and Oakland) employers have preexisting ordinances that required notice to employees, an additional written notice is not required, but you must indicate sick leave accruals on employees’ paystubs. For employers in areas that are newly implementing Paid Sick Leave, the law does require written notice to employees via paystub or some other form by July 8. And please note there’s an updated Notice to Employees for new hires, which includes Paid Sick Leave. Finally, please make sure you also have an updated posting in your workplace. If you have any questions about sick leave, please email us.

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