Catering and Delivery Services: How to Get Involved

Following the introduction of a potential ban on workplace cafeterias, more and more companies and businesses are becoming interested in restaurant catering and delivery services. With the help of various catering and delivery companies, San Francisco restaurants can now expand their customer base and revenue beyond the brick and mortar storefront. Zesty and ZeroCater are catering services that connect local restaurants and businesses. To learn more about these new opportunities, check out the links below:


Technology companies, such as Snapchat and Tinder, use Zesty to provide fresh and delicious meals to their employees. They work with over 150 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to get in touch.


ZeroCater primarily serves offices and corporate events in six different cities across the United States. While catering to businesses, they offer a variety of benefits to restaurants they partner with such as menu consultation and performance metric reviews. To partner with ZeroCater, click here.

We are also seeing smaller companies order team meals via delivery services. Here is information on how to sign up:


Caviar offers both individual delivery and workplace or corporate catering. They partner with all different kinds of restaurants, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To get in touch, click here.


Postmates is the nation’s largest on-demand delivery network, completing around 3 million deliveries each month. Click here to partner.

Uber Eats

An offshoot of Uber, Uber Eats offers fast and reliable food delivery services. Many restaurants that partner with Uber Eat experience increased sales and lower marketing costs. To sign up, click here.


Doordash has partnered with thousands of restaurants in over 25 cities, allowing local businesses to increase their customer base and their revenue. To get involved, click here.


As these are only some of the catering and delivery services becoming available to customers and restaurants, this page will be updated as new companies become prevalent.

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