Coup de Grâce to Foie Sales Ban

A Federal court in Los Angeles has struck down California’s ban on the sale of foie gras. We encourage everyone to place their orders and resume selling immediately.

In a well-reasoned ruling, the court permanently enjoined California’s Attorney General, from enforcing the ban on sale.

Our legal victory stands on the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act, which gives exclusive authority to the USDA to regulate all poultry products, including foie gras.  As the court held, “California cannot regulate foie gras products’ ingredients by creatively phrasing its law…”   The court added, “Defendant seeks to have her pâté  and eat it, too.”

GGRA is proud to share in the collective victory in co-founding the CHEFS Initiative that brought this ruling to fruition.

Read the full case: 155 – Order GRANTING MSJ (1).  One-page judgment here: 156 – JUDGMENT.

For additional questions or information, please contact Cathy Kennedy 530.204.8270;

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