Formula Retail Workers Rules | A New Board President

Tuesday, November 18, was an eventful day at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as they fast tracked rules that impact formula retail businesses with operations in San Francisco. GGRA along with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Committee on Jobs, California Restaurant Association, banks, franchise owners and others, advised against the hasty adoption of this legislation, citing many concerns. Ultimately few concerns were addressed and the legislation passed the Board of Supervisors unanimously with amendments. The only major concession GGRA got was having the ordinance apply to formula retail businesses with more than 20 locations worldwide.

The new ordinances require 1) retention of employees when a formula retail business is bought or transferred within 90 days, 2) written notice to part time of employees of additional hours available, before hiring new employees in similar positions, 3) an initial written notice to new employees of their anticipated number of hours, 4) two week schedules, with predictability pay when schedules change within 7 days (one hour) and within 24 hours, (2-4 hours of predictability pay depending upon scheduled shift length); similar rules apply to on-call shifts not translating into work, 5) equal treatment of part-time employees as full-time to time off, promotions, and pay. The ordinance does make allowance for employees who instigate shift changes or shift trades and similarly calls out Acts of God and situations beyond the employers’ control like power outages.

Needless to say this legislation is problematic and we will continue to work with the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s Office for additional changes.

In other news, Supervisor Katy Tang, District 4, became the interim president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Katy is considered a moderate and is well respected and liked by most. Although today’s vote is likely to represent what will happen when those re-elected members of the Board of Supervisors are sworn in on January 8, along with David Chiu’s replacement, nothing is a sure thing.

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