GGRA Lobby Day was a Success

Our First Annual GGRA Lobby Day held yesterday, January 12, was a huge success. Attendees were able to meet with Mayor Ed Lee’s Chief of Staff, Steve Kawa; Deputy Chief of Staff, Jason Elliot; and Director of Legislative and Government Affairs, Nicole Wheaton. We had a conversation about what the Mayor is looking to do in 2015,and how those priorities can tie into what GGRA is interested in. The group then met with seven different members on the Board of Supervisors (Supervisors Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Jane Kim, and David Campos) to discuss our public policy agenda for 2015, as well as listen to specific policy areas they are hoping to work on this year. There was great discussion on ways GGRA can work with members of the Board to achieve mutual goals. Individual meetings between the group and each member of the Board really gave us a chance for good dialogue, and attendees were able to ask Supervisors questions and share concerns that are facing the restaurant industry right now. We look forward to continuing to work with City Hall in the coming year.

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