GGRA Membership Dues Are Changing May 1st

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On May 1, the GGRA is making some changes to its annual dues structure. In the past, dues were determined by a combination of gross annual sales and number of locations. To increase clarity moving forward, we are defining our restaurant membership dues categories based on gross annual sales alone.

The new structure will be implemented on May 1, but if you renew before, your dues will be based on our current dues structure. With the new system, to determine dues, use your restaurant’s gross annual sales or the combined gross annual sales of your control group (multiple restaurants). As of May 1, dues will be:

  • $300 (<$750,000) new membership option for small restaurants!
  • $425 ($750,000 – $1,999,999)
  • $675 ($2,000,000 – $4,999,999)
  • $1,100 ($5,000,000 – $9,999,999)
  • $2,000 (>$10,000,000)

Click here to renew your membership before the new dues structure takes effect. (If you’re having trouble logging in contact Jenais.)

Associate membership dues will also be changing. The small business categorization of dues is being revised to include sole proprietors with gross annual sales less than $999,999 annually. And there is a $25 increase in the general associate member dues. As of May 1:

  • $300 (sole proprietors <$999,999)
  • $500 Associate Members
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