GGRA’s June 2016 Ballot Measure Positions

Proposition A: Public Health and Safety Bond: A $350 million General Obligation Bond for construction, acquisition, repairs, and seismic strengthening of community medical and mental health services, emergency response facilities, and homeless services in San Francisco. Projects include San Francisco General Hospital, neighborhood health centers, homeless service centers, the San Francisco Fire Department Ambulance Deployment Facility, and neighborhood fire stations. This measure has wide support in the City. GGRA supports the measure

Proposition B: Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund: An amendment to the City Charter to make dedicated funding for Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund. The current fund (2 and a half cents per $100 of assessed property value) is set to expire in 2031. This would extend that to 2046 as well as require the City to give the Recreation and Park Department a minimum set aside from the General Fund every year. The department has seen a decline in funding in recent years, so this measure would ensure a proportional amount of funding. GGRA supports the measure

Proposition C: Affordable Housing Requirements: Currently on market rate housing projects, the City Charter sets a 12% requirement of inclusionary or affordable units. This measure would amend the Charter to allow the Board of Supervisors to change the threshold without voter approval. This measure also increases the current threshold from 12% to 25%. After a financial feasibility study, the Board of Supervisors could revisit the 25% threshold. While we support moving the threshold out of the Charter and under authority of the Board to change, the 25% has not yet undergone feasibility analysis. GGRA takes no position on this measure

Proposition D: Office of Citizen Complaints Investigations: A requirement that the Office of Citizen Complaints (OCC) would investigate any incident in which a San Francisco police officer fires a gun either killing or injuring someone, regardless of a complaint being filed. Currently, the OCC investigates citizen complaints of police misconduct. GGRA supports the measure

Proposition E: Paid Sick Leave: Amendments to the San Francisco Paid Sick Leave Ordinance to better align it with the State Sick Leave law. This measure will simplify compliance for San Francisco employers by provider a single source of information for rules. GGRA supports the measure

Proposition AA: San Francisco Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Program: A parcel tax of $12 per year, put on the ballot by the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, to fund protection and restoration of the San Francisco Bay. The measure does include oversight requirements like public meetings, an advisory committee, and annual audit and report, and a 5% limit on the amount of revenue that could be spent on program administration. The measure would raise $25 million a year in the 9 Bay Area counties for 20 years. GGRA supports the measure

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