Introducing GGRA’s Brand New Healthcare Partnership

We are proud to announce a brand new partnership with Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care for a solution that fulfills the HCSO requirement, while offering employees the ability to visit Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care centers for needed urgent care services. This plan was created by GGRA and Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care to address the challenge of insuring employees who work between 8 and 20 hours with the implementation of full irrevocability. In light of the recent updates to the SF City Option, this plan is offered to GGRA members as a viable alternative. Please note, you can utilize this plan for the 2016 Q4 payment due today, January 31, if you have not yet taken care of it. Reach out immediately if you are interested in doing so.

This new option utilizes the minimum spend required by the HCSO while providing a great benefit for your employees. Employees (and dependent children) of each GGRA member that executes an agreement with Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care will be entitled to receive urgent care medical services currently provided at Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care locations in the San Francisco Bay Area on an as needed basis.

Employees working just 8 hours per week will receive 4 visits a year, as the cost of those 4 visits equates to about $800, the HCSO minimum spend for that employee. Employees working more than 8 hours a week can receive more visits based off the amount contributed by the employer under the HCSO.

Please see more information about the program here. If you have any questions, and to discuss signing up, please email Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care here. If you have questions for the GGRA, email Samantha.

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