Large Refuse Generator (LRG) Legislation Updates

This morning the Budget and Finance Committee heard Supervisor Safaí’s Refuse Separation Compliance legislation. The Supervisor presented some substantive amendments to the legislation that were approved by the Committee. The ordinance has been continued to the next Budget and Finance Committee hearing November 15. In the next two weeks, we expect to see more amendments and chances to discuss the ordinance.

Potentially amendments being considered are:

– changing the distinction as a Large Refuse Generator from 30 cubic yards per week to 40 cubic yards of refuse per week.
– having this legislation only apply to buildings using a roll-off compactor

While we would prefer that restaurants not be included in this legislation, amendments we are still requesting are:

– including a warning period if a failed audit occurs
– removing the requirement for a Zero Waste Facilitator for 24 months in an exclusive role as a result of a failed audit
– moving the start date from July 2019 to January 2020
For more information, please reach out to Chhavi at
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