Late Night Transit Update – BART Resolution Passed

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On April 23, BART Director, Nick Josefowitz was successful in getting his resolution passed requiring BART to produce a comprehensive white paper that details the current constraints related to running trains late at night. He reached out to the GGRA with his thanks for our and our members’ support:

The lack of good late night transit in San Francisco and the Bay Area is a huge problem, particularly to the restaurant industry. Last Thursday, I introduced and the BART Board of Directors passed, a resolution commissioning a study to explore the infrastructure improvements that are needed to create space for late and early morning BART service. Late night and early morning BART is not going to happen over night, but this is a critical step forward. I want to especially thank the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, and individual restaurant owners like Karen Heisler from Mission Pie, for your strong advocacy on this issue. Thank you again for your support, and I look forward to working with you all to help you, your workers and our restaurants thrive. If you ever have any questions or concerns about this or any other BART related matter, please contact me at or (415) 801 3812.

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As our members know, GGRA has participated in the Late Night Transportation Working Group since it began meeting last June. This week, BART Director, Nick Josefowitz will present a draft resolution at the April 23 BART Board Meeting requiring BART produce a comprehensive white paper that details the current constraints related to running trains late at night, and lays out what improvements must be made to the existing system. Attached is a Draft Letter of Support to send to General Manager Grace Crunican at BART. Please feel free to personalize the letter how ever you see fit. It is important that BART understands the diverse number of individuals, organizations and businesses that support extending hours in a safe and responsible way. Also attached is information on BART Late Night Resolution Draft Director Josefowitz will introduce on April 23rd at the BART Board Meeting. The BART Board Meeting will start at 5pm, and anyone from the industry in favor of this proposed resolution is encouraged to attend to show support. Meeting location is The BART Board Room is located in the Kaiser Center 20th Street Mall, Third Floor, 344 20th St., Oakland, CA.

Below are the emails of everyone you may want to include in your email to General Manager Grace Crunican.

To: Grace Crunican,

CC: Kerry Hammill,; Ken Duron,; Gail Muray,; Joel Keller,; Rebecca Saltzman,; Robert Raburn,; John McPartland,; Thomas Blalock,; Zakhary Mallett,; Nicholas Josefowitz,; Tom Radulovich,; Supervisor Scott Wiener,; Supervisor Eric Mar,; Mayor Ed Lee,; Mayor Libby Schaaf,; Ben VanHouten,; Tilly Chang,

More information on the Late Night Transportation Working Group:

On February 23, 2015, the Late Night Transportation Working Group released The Other 9-to-5: Improving Late-Night and Early-Morning Transportation for San Francisco Workers, Residents, and Visitors. This groundbreaking report surveys the existing state of late-night and early-morning transportation to, from, and within San Francisco. The report then articulates findings, recommendations, and next steps to address the major need areas in overnight transportation. This first of its kind represents the hard work of the Office of Economic & Workforce Development,

You can download a PDF of the Working Group’s report or read it in full at NightlifeSF. For more information on the Late Night Transportation Working Group and additional supporting documents, visit the Working Group’s page on NightlifeSF.


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