New State-Of-The-Art Cyber Program for Member Restaurants

Restaurants face the constant risk of a data breach that could lead to runaway costs, an expensive lawsuit and more. Our partners at Heffernan Insurance Brokers have developed a cyber insurance program to provide a customized, state-of-the-art insurance solution for data security and other risks faced by GGRA members.

A data breach can result from a compromised wireless network or point-of-sale device, theft of records from a back office or even a misplaced laptop or box of files. This new insurance program provides coverage not only for claims brought against you as a result of a data breach, but also for your own direct costs that you will incur in responding to the breach, regardless of whether a claim is ever brought.  This “first-party” breach response coverage includes all of the following components:

  • Preparing and sending notification letters to individuals whose personal information has been compromised, as required by state law
  • Setting up a call center to handle inquiries by impacted persons
  • Providing credit monitoring, credit remediation or other reasonable reparation services
  • Determining the cause of the data breach and taking action to prevent it from continuing
  • Conducting a public relations campaign to repair any damage to the restaurant’s reputation (up to the applicable sublimit)
  • Restoring any data that might have been lost or corrupted during the breach
  • Responding to any fines or penalties that might be imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) as a result of the breach
  • Responding to any cyber extortion threat against a member restaurant

As a participant in this program, you will have immediate access to a risk management portal containing valuable information such as data security best practices, and state-by-state summaries of data privacy laws.  Also, in the event of a breach, you will have immediate access to a highly experienced breach response team who will be available to assist you.

In addition to the data breach coverage, GGRA members have the option to purchase “media” coverage for claims arising out of content, such as advertisements, emails, websites, social media campaigns and other marketing activities. Example of claims can include, defamation, copyright and trademark infringement, misappropriation of name/likeness, and other intellectual property claims, which can be extremely expensive to defend.

Limit options of $500,000, $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 are available, with minimum premiums as low as $975.  For more information about the above coverage options, including a quick pricing indication, please contact Amy Vitarelli at or 415.808.1342.  Or to obtain a quotation yourself, please visit our customized cyber insurance web portal at

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