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New ADA Bar Accessibility Requirements Go into Effect Thursday, March 15th

New Americans with Disability Act requirements go into effect Thursday that will require bar countertops to have an accessible section available for disabled patrons. Restaurants are now able to substitute accessible tables instead of lowering a section of the bar. Physically lowering a bar can be avoided if, before Thursday, a table or tables meeting specific criteria is provided in the same area as the bar. The tables must have a top height of 28 inches to 34 inches and knee space 27 inches high by 30 inches wide and 19 inches deep. A 36-inch diameter square table with a pedestal will not meet these requirements.

If a bar does not have an ADA-compliant lowered section and does not have accessible tables within the same area by Thursday, the exception is no longer available. After Thursday, a section of the bar must be lowered to comply with the ADA.

The requirements for foodservice counters and bars are:
Where food or drink is served at counters exceeding 34 inches (865mm) in height for consumption by customers seated on stools or standing at the counter, a portion of the main counter, which is 60 inches (1525 mm) in length minimum, shall be provided in compliance with 34 inches maximum counter height and 19 inches clear depth, or service shall be available at accessible tables within the same area.

If you have any questions, please contact Rob Black at or (415) 781-5348 x 1.

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