People Are Looking To Eat Out More. This Is How One Development Is Leveraging That Desire.

According to a survey conducted for the National Restaurant Association between April 28 and May 1 of this year, 45% of all adults want to go to restaurants more than they currently are. The demand is there and some developments have proven that they know how to meet it. A few ways in which landlords offer restaurateurs thriving locations include mutually beneficial marketing plans, a varied co-tenancy mix, and events that drive foot traffic right to their restaurants front door.

Having a landlord that is engaged in the success of a new restaurant is a huge component of thriving developments. Collette Navarrette, Marketing Director at Santana Row explains, “At Santana Row, when a new restaurant is opening, we become an extension of their marketing plan. We work with the restauranteurs to come up with a comprehensive plan to help build their awareness with the consumer and to capitalize on their association with the strong Santana Row Brand. This can happen through social media, our extensive annual marketing campaign, and annual highly trafficked events, tapping into on-site residents and office employees, leveraging other nearby retailers and so much more.”

Locations that have a mix of varied retailers can also be very valuable to new restaurants. At Santana Row in the heart of Silicon Valley, there has been an evolution of retailers, services and restaurants that continues even a decade into the project. “Santana Row is already such a vibrant 24 hour, 7 day a week environment with residential, office, dining, and retail and the changes that are coming really complete the picture. To remain relevant with our ever changing consumer, we are always trying to innovate with creative uses and great operators”, say’s Jeff Kreshek, Vice President of West Coast Leasing. When people go out for a fun night, they want to have that unique and personalized experience that locations with multiple uses provide. Food is such an integral part of what makes Santana Row special and we are excited to be in a position to choose to change some of the uses at the property.”

Another way that restaurants can expand their customer base is getting in front of new audiences. Thriving developments use annual events to bring new foot traffic to their locations and their restaurants benefit from it. The community of Santana Row extends way beyond the on-site residents and office employees and reaches out to the community through a series of concerts, performances, and restaurant featured activities such as chef spotlights and book signings. The open invitation is what brings them in, but the entertainment factor and being able to try new concepts is what makes them stay.

People will always want new and exciting offerings to explore and a reason to get out of the house and engage with their community. If you have the chance to partner with a landlord that is a part of that offering, you are one step ahead of the pack.

We have an open seat at the table, if interested, contact Jeff Kreshek.

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