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Changes to Recology are Impacting Commercial Rates

The City and County of San Francisco approved a rate increase effective July 1, 2018. The approved increase includes rates that are designed to incentivize increased landfill diversion and more closely reflect the cost of service. The 2018 rate increase was approved to by the City of San Francisco and can be found in the 2017 director’s report of which guides Recology rates to customers. This year the rate and is based on COLA and increases to reflect the cost of service for premium days (Saturday & Sunday). Those increased costs are multiplied during weekend service at 1.5 times the rate on Saturday and 2x the rate on Sunday. While the overall average rate adjustment to all SF restaurants was 8.32%, some will see their rates increase by up to 20%. In rare instances of an increase of 20% or more, Recology will call those customers.  Some restaurants with no weekend service will see a smaller adjustment, and others with a lot of weekend service a larger one.

The rate increase reflects Recology’s effort to equalize the rates for each cart so that a 64G is twice the cost of a 32G and a 96G is three time the cost of a 32G. Customers who subscribe to Saturday and Sunday service will see larger increases to better reflect the true cost of service for labor on these days.

This update explains those rate structure changes and offers assistance to commercial customers for managing collection service costs through increased recycling and composting efforts and minimizing premium collection service. The changes most important to note for commercial customers are:

  • Equalization of cost per bin based on size.
  • Increased charges for premium service days Saturday and Sunday.
  • Front load service 3.5% increase.
  • No increase to roll-off compactor charge.

Recology can help you in updating your service to help you in managing your disposal rates. Please use their online diversion percentage calculator at LessTrashMoreRecycling.com to see how potential service changes may affect your landfill diversion rate discount.

You can also call them at (415) 330-1300 or email them at customerservice@recologysf.com and one of their commercial specialists will gladly talk with you over the phone, sign you up for one of our commercial rate workshops, or meet you at your property to answer any questions you may have.

Following are some suggestions:

  • Schedule time for a personalized rate workshop, these can be done in person or on the phone beginning August 2nd. Workshops can be scheduled through Jasmine Wong at JWong2@Recology.com or (415) 575-2466.
  • Recology suggest customers look at eliminating one or even both of the premium service days on Saturday or Sunday by adding service to Friday and/or Monday. Recology can help add bins or exchange smaller bins for larger ones.
  • Take a closer look at what how much landfill service you are using. Are there still materials going into your black bins that could have gone into green or blue? Regularly self-auditing your bins may show potential to do more recycling and composting resulting in meaningful savings to help mitigate rate adjustments such as this one.
  • Are you maximizing your service subscription? Are your employees setting out bins that are half full or less? Turning two half full bins into one full one multiple times a week can add up to big savings on your monthly charges.

Recology Rate Sheet – July 2018

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