Refuse Separation Compliance legislation will go into effect beginning July 1, 2019

Supervisor Safaí’s Refuse Separation Compliance legislation will go into effect beginning July 1, 2019 (a year later for nonprofit food and affordable housing providers, and a few others). The city has published a list of Large Refuse Generators (LRG) that fall under this legislation. It includes 12 restaurant properties.

There were countless meetings with the almost everyone on the Board of Supervisors and their staff. While there was promise of an amendment for a warning we had been advocating for, those prospects disappeared at the Full Board Meeting. The Refuse Separation Compliance leg passed the BOS without objection on first reading last week, December 4, and passed on second reading, December 11, with a unanimous 11-0 vote.

We plan to stay involved in the rule-making process and will provide updates as they become available.

For more information, please reach out to Chhavi at

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