Reminder: SF and California Regulation Requiring Single Stall All Gender Signage

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The San Francisco Human Rights Commission is the department of the City and County of San Francisco that implements local anti-discrimination ordinances.

Local and state laws apply to signage for single-user restrooms.  The pertinent local law (San Francisco Police Code Article 33, Section 3305.3) and state law (California Health and Safety Code Section 118600) both essentially require that all single-user toilet facilities must be identified as ‘all-gender’ facilities.  Note, these laws apply only to ‘single-user’ facilities, which are defined under the state law as having no more than one toilet and one urinal, with a locking mechanism controlled by the user; restrooms with multiple toilets are not affected by these laws. The law does not require you fix any infrastructure or plumbing but that you simply change the sign to make it clear all genders can use the restroom.

We encourage you to conduct a brief review of your restroom facilities to check the signage, and to make any necessary changes as soon as possible to comply with local and state law.

Additional information about the applicable local law is available from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection HERE.

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