Restaurants Drive Sales Tax Revenue – 2013 SF Commerce and Industry Inventory

San Francisco restaurants (eating and drinking establishments) drove more than $3.7 billion in taxable sales in 2013, representing nearly one third of all taxable retail sales, according to the newly released San Francisco Planning Department’s 2013 Commerce & Industry Inventory. The Inventory is published annually to present data on economic activities in San Francisco ranging from population to labor force to financial transactions; to inform land use decisions. Leisure and hospitality businesses make up 14 percent of San Francisco’s economy and 11 percent of the region’s economy.  In San Francisco, employment was up 5 percent, with jobs in restaurants, referred to as eating and drinking establishments in the report, was up 5.2 percent, from 52,600 to 55,312. Restaurants are categorized as part of the retail sector and represent 49.5 percent of the jobs in the sector, and when adding food stores, food related jobs account for nearly 60 percent of the retail job sector.  The report also states that there were 3,307 eating and drinking establishments in 2013, which is up 3.7 percent from 2012, and represents 41.6 percent of all retail establishments.

For the full report, download it from the San Francisco Planning Department website.

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