San Francisco 2019 Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO) Minimum Expenditure Requirements

Under the Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO), all covered employers must meet the following obligations:

1. Satisfy the Employer Spending Requirement by making required health care expenditures on behalf of all covered employees (those who have been employed for more than 90 days and who regularly work at least 8 hours per week in San Francisco) at the following rates:

Employer Size Number of Employees 2018 Expenditure Rate 2019 Expenditure Rate
Large All employers w/ 100+ employees $2.83 per hour payable  $ 2.93 per hour payable
Medium Businesses w/ 20-99 employees
Nonprofits w/ 50-99 employees
$1.89 per hour payable  $1.95 per hour payable
Small Businesses w/ 0-19 employees
Nonprofits w/ 0-49 employees
  Exempt   Exempt
  • 2018 Exemption Threshold: managerial, supervisory, and confidential employees who earn more than $97,722 (or $46.98 per hour) are exempt.  More information and rates from prior years are available here.

2. Maintain records sufficient to establish compliance with the employer spending requirement.

3. Post the PDF icon2018 HCSO Poster in all workplaces with covered employees.

4. Submit an Annual Reporting Form to the OLSE by April 30th of each year.

If you have questions about the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance or wish to report a violation of the law, call 415-554-7892 or email

Need help sorting out HCSO for your business? Reach out to our amazing Vendor Partners to get the best option for your restaurant! Read all about them below.


Attention GGRA Members!  The 2019 Expenditure Rate has been released.  The chart below outlines the required health care expenditure rates based on number of employees:


All Cadillac with No Tax (or additional spend)

Your team members make it their mission to treat your customers like VIPs.  Make it your mission to treat your employees like VIPs.

The GGRA and NFP have partnered to bring an experience that has normally been reserved for the “spare-no-expense” tech world to the San Francisco Service Industry.  OrderUp Health is the unlimited, hassle-free program that will leave your team in awe.  Your employees will enjoy top notch facilities, pre-paid transportation to and from visits, concierge treatment, and personalized care.

There are other SFHCSO compliant options out there, but none compare to what OrderUp Health can offer.  OrderUp Health is an all-inclusive, no out-of-pocket expense Primary Health Care solution.  With 5 locations in the Bay Area, Urgent Care facilities with extended hours and 24/7 Telemedicine, your staff will never be left without access.  Take a look at the offering below.


Let the OrderUp Health team, in partnership with Crossover Health, wait on your staff for a change.

For additional information on OrderUp Health or questions about HCSO compliance, please contact Jenna Johnson at or go to the OrderUp Health website.

DVB Insurance Services

DVB Insurance Services provides cost effective, HCSO compliant insurance solutions for your Restaurant and employees. They understand how to minimize your expenses while also avoiding penalties and audits.  DVB Insurance Services is trusted for their expert knowledge and service, which include assisting your business with the HCSO Employer monthly, quarterly and annual reporting required by the City of San Francisco Office of Labor Standard Enforcement (OLSE).

DVB Insurance Services provides Bi-lingual Open Enrollment meetings for your front and back of the house employees. They will administer or assist all New hires, Terminations, COBRA administration, Billing and claims for both your company and its employees. DVB Insurance Services also provides Free HR Assistance and Employee Onboarding Technology to all their clients- regardless of size of staff.  This is in addition to their full assistance of the HCSO Employer monthly, quarterly and annual reporting required by the City of San Francisco Office of Labor Standard Enforcement (OLSE).

DVB Insurance Services offers all GGRA members a free, comprehensive evaluation to verify you are in compliance with the HCSO and the ACA. They are interested in answering any questions you may have and will provide you knowledgeable recommendations.  As a business owner, it’s important you work with a trusted and knowledgeable expert who can guide you on cost effective and full benefit solutions, working in balance with specific knowledge of the HSCO Employer regulations.

For more information please contact their office:

Jerry Raney, Principal / Broker

W (877) 769-6945

MOC Insurance

Service Overview
Program Design
They know each company has its own culture and works best with a benefits program that is tailored to that culture. Before designing a benefits package they meet with your team to gain a better understanding of your company’s culture, objectives, and employees. MOC then designs a program that fits your company’s unique needs.

Cost Control
Medical insurance premiums have increased dramatically over the last 10 years with no end in sight. MOC aggressively markets and negotiates with current and potential carriers to ensure the best programs and rates available.

Client Services
Their clients have a dedicated Client Manager with a support team designed to handle any assignment. Their services include: Open Enrollment Meetings, One on One employee education, Client Seminars, Daily Administration, Issue Resolution, Program Marketing, Merger and Acquisition facilitation, Legal, ERISA and Health Care Reform education.

Carrier Partners
With 40+ years of industry experience, MOC Insurance Services represents every benefits related insurance carrier in the United States. Their clients are multi-site, multi-state and international.

Client Services

  • Plan Design
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Dedicated Client Management
  • Open Enrollment
  • Customized Benefits Web Portal
  • Legal, ERISA and Health Care Reform Education
  • Merger and Acquisition Facilitation

Benefits Programs

  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Section 125 and 132 Flexible Spending Programs
  • Voluntary and Supplemental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Executive Benefits
  • Key Person Life
  • Alternative Funding Options (Self-funding, Split-funding, Retrospective funding)
  • Association and Trust Programs
  • International Benefits

For more information reach out to:

Marina Costabile, Broker, Property & Casualty

Direct: 415-357-9267



Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care HCSO Option

A core mission of Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care is to assist employers in reducing the cost of managing a healthy work force. Our HCSO option offers your employees comprehensive, best-in-class health care services for the whole family across 9+ Bay Area locations with zero of pocket cost.

How it Works?

With the Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care HCSO option, your health care spend directly converts to pre-paid doctor’s office visits that can be used be used by the entire family, with no appointment needed. The number of visits earned are calculated based on the total hours worked per employee. One visit equals a $200 HCSO spend and unused visits roll over each quarter. Dignity Health-GoHealth manages all administrative duties and communications – creating an effortless experience for you and your team.

 What’s Included?

Visits for employees are full-service* and include the following health care services:

Treatment for illnesses such as the flu, sore throat/ strep, stomach aches, asthma, upper respiratory infections, UTI’s and STD’s

Services for injuries including, fractures, breaks, sprains, burns, cuts and lacerations

Wellness exam’s/sports physicals

Diagnostic X-ray services

Rapid lab testing including glucose, HIV, influeza, strep, pregnancy, urinalysis and mononucleosis

Visits are eligible for use by employees and dependents

* Excludes third party health care costs such as prescriptions, crutches (and other medical home equipment) and outside lab fees.

For more information contact and to enroll



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