Plastics and Litter Reduction Ordinance – Straw Legislation Introduced

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On Tuesday 5/15/18, Supervisor Katy Tang introduced legislation banning plastic straws along with other foodware accessories. Read the full Fact Sheet here:  Plastics and Litter Reduction Ordinance Fact Sheet PDF

If passed, this ordinance would take effect July 1, 2019.

Because of GGRA advocacy, the legislation does NOT contain:

  • A cup charge

  • Mandates for businesses/restaurants to only serve reusable cups

As you might recall the legislation was originally more far reaching, read about it here: A $.25 Cup Fee May be Coming to SF Soon

While this legislation has been introduced, there will still be time to engage stakeholders in a dialogue that could potentially help shape the outcome of this process. We’ll keep you updated as this legislation moves forward and encourage you to voice your opinions. Please reach out to Chhavi at with any questions.


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