TAKE ACTION: Restaurant Industry Support for Mayor Breed’s $185m in Funding Proposal

City Hall is currently deciding what to do with the City’s $185m windfall. Mayor Breed introduced legislation which would secure the funds go toward homeless services and housing. On Wednesday 2/6, the Budget and Finance committee added a $52m to spread the windfall across homeless services, housing, energy spending and teacher salaries. The additional spending is in an amendment, authored by Supervisor Gordon Mar, to a supervisors’ proposal.  The committee passed it unanimously and will hold a special meeting Monday 2/11 to vote on the entire proposal before it could move to a full Board vote on Tuesday 2/12.

The GGRA has been an active part of the CleanSafe365 coalition, a group of diverse community businesses, merchant groups, and civic organizations. The coalition came together to represent thousands of employees and hundreds of businesses standing together to urge Mayor-Elect Breed to clean up our streets. As restaurant owners and employees, we see first hand the condition of our streets and its effect on our businesses. This windfall would help us with the current state of our streets.

Please see letter template below in support of Mayor Breed’s detailed proposal on how to appropriate the $185 million in discretionary funds available. Her proposal is directly consistent with the advocacy goals of the CleanSafe365 coalition and appropriates the funds to support homelessness and affordable housing programs as well programs focused on substance abuse and street cleaning.



Action Requested by 9am Monday, February 11th.

We urge you send a support letter to your Supervisor. We’ve created a template for you to use: Restaurant Support Letter for Legislation #181185 $185m in Funding Template

Supervisors information:

Sandra Fewer District 1 Supervisor sandra.fewer@sfgov.org
Catherine Stefani District 2 Supervisor catherine.stefani@sfgov.org
Aaron Peskin District 3 Supervisor aaron.peskin@sfgov.org
Gordon Mar District 4 Supervisor gordon.mar@sfgov.org
Vallie Brown District 5 Supervisor vallie.brown@sfgov.org
Matt Haney District 6 Supervisor matt.haney@sfgov.org
Norman Yee District 7 Supervisor norman.yee@sfgov.org
Rafael Mandelman District 8 Supervisor rafael.mandelman@sfgov.org
Hillary Ronen District 9 Supervisor hillary.ronen@sfgov.org
Shamann Walton District 10 Supervisor shamann.walton@sfgov.org
Ahsha Safaí District 11 Supervisor ahsha.safai@sfgov.org
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