Temporary Mobile Caterer Permit for Restaurants going through Mandatory Seismic Retrofits

Supervisor Mandelman has introduced legislation File No. 181026 benefiting restaurants who would not be able to operate during a mandatory seismic retrofit. It would be an amendment to existing Public Works Code around Mobile Food Facilities allowing restaurants to become a Temporary Mobile Caterer for the time their restaurant isn’t able to operate. From the legislation:

The Temporary Mobile Caterer would:

  • not be subject to restrictions with respect to locations relative to middle schools, junior high schools, and high schools;
  • not be restricted from operating within 75 feet of another restaurant’s entrance; and
  • be able to operate for the same hours and days as its affiliated restaurant.

It was heard at the 11/26 Land Use and Transportation Committee where it was unanimously supported. We have asked for the city to:

  • help streamline the permit process
  • see if a restaurant could be able to activate their existing outdoor seating
  • see if a restaurant could have access to parts of the restaurant not affected by the retrofit
  • if there isn’t an option for a restaurant to have a mobile food truck directly infront of their building, could they locate the mobile site close by

We will continue to follow and update. Please reach out to Chhavi at chhavi@ggra.org if you will be going through a mandatory seismic retrofit.

Read an article in Mission Local talking about how this option could benefit some food establishments.

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