The GGRA Announces Immigration Policy Workshops

We are proud to announce that the GGRA has joined the Sanctuary Restaurant movement and will launch the first of a series of free education workshops in partnership with the civil rights legal community. The workshops will provide training for San Francisco restaurants and staff about how to protect employees and guests against federal policies that are becoming increasingly hostile toward immigrants. The GGRA became one of the first industry trade groups in the country to join the Sanctuary Restaurant movement– a groundbreaking initiative launched in January by nonprofit advocacy organizations Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) and as a response to Trump Administration immigration policies. The workshops have earned the support of policy makers including Assemblymember David Chiu and San Francisco Business Commissioner William Ortiz-Cartagena.

The first workshop will take place Monday, March 20, 2017 from 9:00am-10:30am at Don Ramon’s (225 11th Street). All workshops are free and open to GGRA members and non-members. Sign up for the first workshop here.

Read the full official announcement here: The GGRA Announces Immigration Policy Workshops

The Sanctuary Restaurant platform includes guidelines designed to protect restaurant workers from harassment and promote diverse workplaces and communities regardless of immigration status.

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