Tourism Assessment Form – July 2018

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Our restaurant members are receiving letters from the California Board of Tourism regarding the Tourism Assessment form. They are being asked to return it with a payment of $X per million dollars the restaurant generates.

It is not a scam and you must return form with payment. This assessment from the California Board of Tourism is for hospitality businesses that generate more than $1 million in revenue and can attribute some of their earnings to tourists. Find out if you are an Assessable Business here.

Businesses can determine their assessment by using the formula they provide only counting the revenue attributable to tourism. More general information can be found here.


The California Office of Tourism supports California programs that benefit the state’s travel and tourism industry.


The California Tourism Marketing Act of 1995 enabled the state’s tourism industry to assess itself to conduct statewide marketing. In 1998, the industry voted to pass the first industrywide referendum, creating the Tourism Assessment Program and establishing the California Travel and Tourism Commission as the first-of-its-kind destination marketing organization in the nation.

California businesses participating in the program are identified as part of five travel and tourism industry categories: accommodations; attractions and recreation; restaurants and retail; transportation and travel services; and passenger rental cars. The Office of Tourism manages the Tourism Assessment Program and collects the funds that power Visit California’s global marketing efforts. For more information on Visit California, visit


The California Welcome Center Program comprises 17 strategically located official state welcome centers that serve as California’s concierges. Equipped with comprehensive informational materials and expert staff, each California Welcome Center (CWC) acts as a window into the world of the surrounding region and state.

Through personal interactions with travelers, CWCs gather travel statistics and feedback on traveler experiences, directly supporting local communities through travel recommendations and insights. For more information on California Welcome Centers, visit


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