GGRA’S Workforce Efforts to Combat the Staffing Crisis

GGRA is proud to report that 2016 was a year of breakout success in partnering with nonprofits that specialize in worker training and job placement services. Over the last several years, the GGRA has worked to expand its involvement with Workforce Development through these partnerships and connecting their culinary & hospitality clients with our member restaurants. These clients are generally disconnected from online job placement programs and are not part of the usual pool of applicants restaurants encounter when looking for staff. Often, they are facing unique challenges like being marginally housed or have been previously incarcerated, so they face particular barriers to employment.

Two of our most recent successes came at the end of 2016. Leslie Bilbro, Job Developer with Code Tenderloin, contacted us with a potential prep cook. Code Tenderloin works with homeless or marginally housed individuals and helps them with a series of services including job placement. We reached out to Bryan Blair, Director of Workplace Community with the Daniel Patterson Group and sent him the resume. Soon after, the individual had a job interview at Alfred’s that led to a job placement. The Chef at Alfred’s told us, “”Josh is doing great. He works very hard every day he is here. At this point he is only washing dishes, and typically just one shift a week, Thursday lunch. He has also been very willing to pick up any extra shifts as we need him. I can only imagine how hard he has it. Twin 5-year olds, boy and girl, no proper housing, etc. He did have an opportunity to find housing this week and I’m hoping to hear good things when we see him next!”

A second success story came when Tina Lau, HR Director with 5A5 Steakhouse contacted us about an opportunity for an entry level pastry position. We reached out to Thalia Bueno, former GGRA Scholarship Foundation award winner, resident at Treasure Island Job Corps, and student at Laney College focusing on Pastry. We sent Thalia’s resume to Tina and after her interview she was hired as their new Assistant Pastry Chef!

We will continue to do this work serving both the staffing needs of the members and partnering with nonprofits working to support a variety of clients, students, and members of the community looking for stable employment in the industry.

If you have any questions about the Workforce Development work GGRA is doing, contact Donnalyn Murphy or call 415-781-5350.

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