We Can Help

We have an opening checklist and can direct you to critical resources top to bottom including consulting, access to lenders, permitting support, and service provider referrals. Our Issues & Advocacy section of the website has much of the important regulatory guidance on issues ranging from healthcare to tips and gratuity.  Additionally our Resources page, provides quick links to a variety of key governmental agencies.  Our educational programs and trainings will help you get in compliance and stay there.  If you’re in San Francisco, the Office of Small Business Assistance has created a great portal with starter kits for restaurants, bars, and caterers, as well as other businesses.

Additionally, GGRA partner OpenTable created an extensive guide on opening a new restaurant. How to Open a Restaurant: The Modern Restaurateur’s Guide to Starting & Growing a Restaurant Business is a 135 page handbook that gives real advice from successful restaurateurs on everything from How to Fund your Restaurant to How to Train your Team. If you are in the process of opening your first restaurant, download the guide here.