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The Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA) is a non-profit trade association founded in 1936 to promote, extend and protect the interests of the broader restaurant industry, and to serve our members in the San Francisco Bay Area. Restaurants are a high-risk and generally low-profit-margin enterprise undertaken by people passionate about a wonderful cultural tradition: eating out. GGRA is a resource to help our members keep the doors open and tables set.

Information, Cost Savings, Marketing, Education, Political Advocacy:

  • Inform you of important industry issues through newsletters, website, seminars
  • Reduce operating costs through group purchases and energy management
  • Showcase members through events like Eat Drink SF
  • Deliver compliance information for new and existing government regulation
  • Network within the restaurant industry
  • Most importantly, when it comes to laws that affect your business and the people you employ, we bring your concerns directly to the people in City Hall and Sacramento.

Three types of membership and 800 member locations:

  • Restaurant: restaurants, caterers and bars
  • Associate: businesses supplying goods and services to the restaurant industry
  • Affiliate: associations and educational institutions

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the membership at large. The work of the association is done by the staff and committees appointed by the Board of Directors. Standing committees include Executive, Membership, Finance, Public Affairs and Education. Ad hoc committees include Eat Drink SF, Golf and Nomination. The GGRA Scholarship Foundation, is a 501 (c)(3) and provides annual scholarships to students seeking degrees in culinary or hospitality programs.

Political Advocacy

What motivated the founders in 1936 to create the GGRA? They simply wanted their industry represented in local and state politics. They wanted their legislators to know both the intended and unintended consequences of proposed legislation upon the restaurant community. That desire is still present today, making political advocacy a major component of GGRA's annual work plan.

We clearly understand that restaurateurs are busy managing their business. They do not have the time to follow each piece of proposed legislation, meet with legislators to educate the legislator to the impact on their restaurant for each piece of legislation, and follow the legislation through committee, full Board or Assembly, to Mayor or Governor signature. Once legislation is passed, we publish through newsletter and web posting the requirements of the legislation, often with options and referrals to simplify implementation.

In today's political world legislation may take months to years to go from proposal to completed legislation.


GGRA and Charitable Work

Restaurants are a vital part of the fabric of San Francisco Bay Area communities. Each year, restaurants donate their time and countless meals, gift certificates, and services to charitable causes. At any of the Bay Area's many fundraising events, you've probably been treated to bites from local restaurants. Many restaurants have charitable programs supporting nonprofits and schools, dedicating a percentage of sales to a cause monthly. The industry also counts many leaders who serve on nonprofit boards. The GGRA and restaurant community are passionate working with the community to support charitable causes that enhance our communities.

GGRA Sponsored events which contribute directly to charity. Some past beneficiaries include:

  • San Francisco Food Bank
  • Project Open Hand
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Feeding America (in partnership with Epicurious.com)
  • GGRA Scholarship Foundation

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the restaurants to support the community is the hors d'oeuvres and dinner gift certificates each restaurant donates to the hundreds of requests they receive each year from non-profits, schools, and community organizations.


We hope you'll consider sponsoring charitable events that the GGRA organizes each year. You can build relationships with fellow GGRA members, introduce your business to diners in a spirit of goodwill, and support the ways GGRA serves your industry and gives you a voice in local and state politics-all while contributing to charitable causes and educational programs for students in the hospitality industry.

Sponsorship packages include:

  • Recognition on website
  • Recognition on event invitations
  • Signage at events and/or program listing
  • Inclusion in press releases, social media and promotional materials
  • Tickets to sponsored event

The GGRA updates the schedule every year in an effort to keep all events unique and rewarding. Some events include:

  • Annual member meeting where the Board of Directors are elected
  • Golf Tournament benefitting GGRA PAC or GGRA Scholarship Foundation
  • Eat Drink SF benefitting:
    • Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)
    • Slow Food San Francisco Nomad Project
    • Meals on Wheels
    • GGRA Scholarship Foundation
    • La Cocina
    • Food Bank of San Francisco and Marin
    • Share Our Strength

Sponsorship programs start at $2500 and will be customized to meet your individual goals.

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