Marie Trimble Holvick, Vice President

Gorden Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP

Steven Grant, Treasurer

Hotel Nikko San Francisco

Zachary Barulich

BiRite Foodservice Distributors

Margie Butler

andy chun

Andy Chun

Sidecar Hospitality

Doug Collister

China Live Ventures

Cassie Corless

Tastes on the Fly

Ranjan Dey

New Delhi Restaurant

Roberta Economidis

GE Law Group

Andrew Freeman

Founder af&co. / Co-Founder Carbonate

Lee Gregory

McCalls Catering

Rachel Herbert

Park Cafe Group

Yuka Ioroi


Evan Kidera

Señor Sisig

John Konstin

Historic John's Grill

Keba Konte

Red Bay Coffee Company

Hanson Li

Salt Partners (B-Side, Crenn Dining Group, Horsefeather, Humphry Slocombe, Last Rites, Lazy Susan)

Dylan MacNiven

MacNiven Group (Woodhouse Fish Co, West of Pecos, Wooden Spoon, Cafe Du Nord)

Tony Marcell

Luna, Wayfare Tavern

Douglas Marschke

Underdogs Tres, Underdogs Too, Tacko

Germain Michel

Amelie Wine Bar & Bistro

Bob Partrite

Fog Harbor Fish House, Crab House, Pier Market, Wipeout Bar & Grill, Eagle Cafe & Biscoff Coffee

Steve Sarver

Ladle & Leaf

Denise Tran

Bun Mee LLC

Lindsay Tusk

Quince, Cotogna, Verjus & Feed the Future Foundation

Benson Wang

Palm House Hospitality

Recent Past Presidents


Stacy Jed
Bluestem Restaurant & Market
Scott Rodrick
Rodrick Management Group
Pete Sittnick
Waterbar & Epic Steak
Laurie Thomas (currently Executive Director)
Nice Ventures
Todd Parent
Extreme Pizza