This training was a new requirement in 2022

ABC On-Premises Licensees have sixty (60) days from July 1, 2022 to have their staff trained and certified by an approved RBS training provider. This includes the successful completion of an ABC administered RBS exam.

Enforcement of AB-1221 began on September 1, 2022.

The GGRA partners with StateFoodSafety to offer our members discounted online training programs through our custom portal (no promo code needed).

Although the StateFoodSafety RBS Training linked above is only offered in English, GGRA also partners with with to offer the California Responsible Beverage Training in other languages including Cantonese (廣東話), Korean (한국인), Mandarin (广东话), and Spanish (Español). 

To register for RBS Training in Cantonese (廣東話), Korean (한국어), Mandarin (广东话), & Spanish (Español) please follow the instructions below and use pormo code GGRA to receive our GGRA Member discount:

1. Go to
2. Click the Enroll Now button at the top right of the screen.
3. Click the Add to Cart button next to the course version you wish to take.
4. On the next screen, enter discount code GGRA in the Discount Code field at
the bottom, then click Apply Code. The screen will refresh and the new price will appear.
5. Follow the remaining on screen instructions to complete the enrollment
and begin the course.


Who needs to complete the California Responsible Beverage Service Training?

As of July 2022, any ABC licensee who has an “ABC On-Premises License” is required to have their staff (alcohol servers and managers of alcohol servers) trained and certified in RBS within sixty (60) days of the date of initial employment. 

An alcohol server, as defined under AB-1221 includes anyone who does any of the following:

  • Checks customer identification for purposes of alcoholic beverage service or entry to an ABC on-premises licensed establishment;
  • Takes customer alcoholic beverage orders;
  • Pours alcoholic beverages for customers; or
  • Delivers alcoholic beverages to customers.

An alcohol manager, as defined under AB-1221 as:

Any person who trains, directly hires, or oversees alcohol servers at an ABC licensed premises, or any person who trains alcohol servers how to perform the service of alcohol for consumption for an ABC on-premises licensee, including but not limited to, when to check identification or when to refuse service to a patron.

How long is the California Responsible Beverage Service Certification valid once obtained?

Once the server has successfully completed the training and exam, their certification is valid for 3 years. The alcohol server certification must be renewed prior to its expiration to remain valid.

What languages are available for the California Responsible Beverage Service Certification?

The StateFoodSafety Certification is currently only offered in English, however the following providers offer the California Responsible Beverage Training in Spanish:

Advanced Associates


Userve Inc.

The following provider offers the California Responsible Beverage Training in Cantonese (廣東話):


How much does it cost?

GGRA's discounted training through StateFoodSaftey is $9.60, which includes both the online training and exam.

The California Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) also requires an additional $3 application fee, which will be charged separately in the RBS portal.

Please read the special instructions provided below for a step by step guide on how to register and apply for your certification.

Special Instructions- How to Get Certified:

  1. Create an account on the California RBS Portal to register
  2. Within the RBS portal, submit an application and pay the $3.00 application fee. Then write down your ID number found in the Server Certificate Details section. 
  3. Search for online providers and click on this StateFoodSafety link to purchase the course in English or this RBSPermit link to purchase to course in other languages.
  4. Once you begin the RBS course, you’ll be prompted to enter the Server Id Number.
  5. Within 1-2 days after course completion you’ll receive an email notification from the CA RBS saying you may begin your exam. The state administered exam must be completed within 30 days of the date you completed the training.

You can find a step by step guide of this process here.

Training Description

Format: Online

Compatible Devices: Computer, tablet, and smartphone (Android, iOS)

Length: 60-210 minutes (start and stop as needed)

Learn how to serve or sell alcohol responsibly and keep your customers safe!

This course is customized to meet alcohol training requirements in your area. Whether you serve alcoholic beverages in a bar or restaurant or sell liquor in a convenience store, we’ve got your training needs covered.

To get your alcohol certification, select your location and register for the course intended for your state. After you complete the training and pass the test, you’ll get your official certificate.

About State Food Safety:

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association is excited to partner with StateFoodSafety to offer our members discounted online training programs.

StateFoodSafety develops and publishes technology-enhanced food safety certification and training programs that provide superior value to regulatory, restaurant, and hospitality communities. StateFoodSafety’s goal is to be the most credible, current, and customer-centric food safety education company in America.

Current GGRA members can access discounted training via our custom online training portal.