The GGRA serves as an advocate for San Francisco restaurants by working with our community partners to ensure restaurants’ perspectives are being considered when legislation impacting our industry is introduced in City Hall. 

In 2023, the GGRA played an essential role in advocating for programs and policies to benefit the San Francisco restaurant community, including growing the Shared Spaces program and delaying the the planned SFMTA changes to meter times and charges. Learn more by reading our 2023 Advocacy Overview.

In 2024 we continue to focus on pandemic recovery as well as the many state, local and federal issues facing our restaurant community including modifications to the Shared Spaces Program. advocacy around SFMTA’s meter extension program, Downtown recovery, and more.

You can support the GGRA’s advocacy efforts by joining our organization as a Restaurant Member or Industry Partner Member.

We thank you for your continued support! If you have questions, please contact us at

Key Areas of Focus:

Economic Sustainability

Labor and Employment

Health and Safety

Environmental Sustainability

Education and Workforce Development

Urban Use and Planning


Boards and Committees

COVID San Francisco Economic Recovery Taskforce

Workforce Investment Board

City College Culinary and Hospitality Advisory Board

SF Travel Board

SF Travel Public Policy Committee

San Francisco Chamber Public Policy Committee

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