The Open in SF program offers free services to people opening small brick and mortar food-based businesses in San Francisco. The program is in a pilot phase focusing on food and restaurant businesses. If you are ready to talk about the permits and licenses needed to start a food-based business, a dedicated case manager is available to help:

  • Provide information about the process and requirements
  • Evaluate business owner needs
  • Engage and instruct throughout the process
  • Coordinate suite of City services
San Francisco Business Portal’s Restaurant Starter Kit

The Restaurant Starter Kit provides everything you need to help you choose a location, set up your kitchen, obtain a health permit, and open your doors – including a printable version of the Restaurant Guide.

Establishment of Public Works’ Minimum Standards for Building Permit Application Intake Reviews and Releases (Effective September 1, 2023)

SF Public Works has committed to reforming the way it reviews Building Permit Applications by introducing a tiered approach that will allow projects meeting a set of minimum requirements to move through the approval process much more quickly.

Visit the SF Public Works website to learn more.