The GGRA partners with StateFoodSafety to offer our members discounted online training programs through our custom portal (no promo code needed).


Who Needs a Food Safety Manager Certification?

To comply with California Law, every retail food facility must ensure that at least one employee is a Certified Food Safety Manager.

The certified person can be the owner, manager, chef, cook or any employee responsible for safe food handling and who may insure that other employees use proper food handling techniques.

How long is the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification valid once obtained?

The certification is valid for 5 years.

What languages are available for the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Training & Exam?

The StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager is offered in English, Español, & 普通话.

How much does it cost?

GGRA's offers the following discounted options:

Exam Only: $68

($22 for the exam + $46 for the online proctor)

Training + Exam: $118

($50 for the training + $22 for the exam + $46 for the online proctor)

How is the exam administered online?

All training and exams are all done virtually with a remote proctor. There is no in-person exam/proctoring component. Learn more about how online proctoring works at StateFoodSafety here.

In order to participate in the online proctoring, you must:

  • Have a webcam and microphone attached to your computer
  • Have a private room to take the exam in
  • Have a current government-issued ID

For more information, watch the StateFoodSafety online proctoring requirements video or download the StateFoodSafety Exam Procedures PDF.

Note: You’ll be able to schedule the exam after purchase. If you miss your scheduled appointment time, you will be asked to pay the proctor fee again in order to reschedule.

What are the system requirements to take the exam with an online proctor?

  • Windows Vista or higher for PC users
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or Higher for Mac users
  • Internet download speed of .768Mbps or higher
  • Internet upload speed of .384Mbps or higher
  • RAM of 1024MB or higher
  • Chromebooks, phones, and tablets are currently not compatible with online proctoring

Please use this Equipment Test to see if all needed requirements are met.

About State Food Safety:

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association is excited to partner with StateFoodSafety to offer our members discounted online training programs.

StateFoodSafety develops and publishes technology-enhanced food safety certification and training programs that provide superior value to regulatory, restaurant, and hospitality communities. StateFoodSafety’s goal is to be the most credible, current, and customer-centric food safety education company in America.

Current GGRA members can access discounted training via our custom online training portal.