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COVID-19 Boosters + Testing Resources in San Francisco

With COVID-19 cases surging in the City due to the spread of the highly-contagious Omicron variant, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) is making access to vaccine boosters and testing easily available at drop-in clinics and is urging extra caution during holiday gatherings.

As people travel and gather for the holidays, SFDPH advises layering their defense against the Omicron variant through vaccines, boosters, testing, and wearing an N95 or well fitted “double” mask (cloth on top of surgical/disposable mask) to improve the seal of the mask to the face. A well-fitted mask that can be comfortably worn is most important. Limiting the size and number of indoor gatherings also reduces risk.   

You can find SFDPH’s official press release issued on Thursday, December 23rd here.

Here are the following locations in San Francisco where people can drop-in to receive a booster, Monday to Friday while supplies last each day. Please check or call 628-652-2700 for the latest changes in holiday hours.  

  • ZSFG (1001 Potrero Ave, Bldg 30)  
  • Southeast Health Center (2401 Keith Street)  
  • Chinese Hospital (845 Jackson Street) (closed Dec. 24)  
  • Kaiser Tent (2350 Geary Blvd) (closed Dec. 24)  

Vaccines are free. You do not need insurance to get the vaccine.

You can also find more information about boosters and vaccination sites in San Francisco here:
  • Ride Muni or Paratransit for free, to and from your appointment
  • For Paratransit information, see the SFMTA website.
  • Take Lyft or Uber for free, to and from getting your vaccine
    • Use the app to find a ride. See details from Lyft or Uber.
  • People should go to their health care provider first, if they have one. If you are in need, SFDPH has over 20 sites that offer a drop-in option to receive a test. The full list of testing sites in SF can be found at:  
  • You can also find a map of San Francisco’s testing locations here:

Rokketmed is also offering On-Site Rapid COVID Testing. This is a great resource (but not free) that you can use if you need your staff tested onsite. Email to learn more or schedule now.

 Individuals who test positive, including if they are asymptomatic, should assume they are infected with COVID-19 and take measures to get care and isolate away from others. They should additionally notify their healthcare provider about their positive test result and stay in contact with them during their illness. Individuals who do not have a provider or need assistance with isolation, can connect with our COVID Resource Center at (628) 217-6101.   

More information about what to do if you test positive can be found here

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