The Heartbeat of the City: San Francisco Restaurants Rise Again

During the pandemic, the GGRA has been 100% focused on advocating for our restaurant community. From communicating detailed health directives and closure requirements as clearly as possible to helping restaurants navigate the financial aid options, we’ve been focused on the many details and data. With this video, we shift our focus to share the San Francisco restaurant industry operators’ and chefs’ stories to give them an opportunity to speak directly to what the pandemic has been like for them and to voice where they see things going now. The San Francisco restaurant community is resilient, smart, hopeful, and incredibly inspiring. Enjoy this brief look into their world and please continue to support our restaurants!
Learn more about SF Restaurant Week, running through April 18, 2021!

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How to Make SF Restaurant Week Work for Your Restaurant

To promote the San Francisco dining scene, we will be bringing back SF Restaurant Week Friday, April 9th – Sunday, April 18th!

Throughout the city, participating restaurants will offer prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus, which can include options for :

  • Takeout

  • Delivery

  • Meal Kits

  • Outdoor Dining

  • Indoor dining (as long as San Francisco allows for indoor dining at the time of the event)

SF Restaurant Week will feature two menu types at six price points:

  • Lunch (2+ courses): $10, $15, $25

  • Dinner (3+ courses): $25, $40, $65

Not sure if the pricing will work for your restaurant or how to get the most out of participating? 

Check out these tips on how to make SF Restaurant Week work for you:

The deadline to register as a participating restaurant is Friday, March 19th. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate!

Registration is free for GGRA Members!

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California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program

If your business had a yearly gross revenue of $2.5 million or less in 2019, you may be eligible to apply for The State of California’s Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program
If you want to apply, you must pick a partner organization to apply through. You can find the list of partners serving San Francisco county applicants here.

If you have any questions, please refer to this FAQ page. You can also register for webinars through Small Business Development Center to learn more about the application process.
The amount of grant funding ranges from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on what your revenue was in 2019.  Businesses are eligible based on their annual revenue as documented in their most recent tax return:

Summary of Eligibility Requirements:

A small business or small nonprofit must satisfy the following criteria to be eligible to receive a grant award:

  • Must meet the definition of an “eligible small business” that has yearly gross revenue of $2.5 million or less (but at least $1,000 in yearly gross revenue) based on most recently filed tax return) or (ii) a “small nonprofit” (registered 501(c)(3), 501(c)(19), or 501(c)(6) nonprofit entity having yearly gross revenue of $2.5 million or less (but at least $1,000 in yearly gross revenue) based on most recently filed Form 990)

  • Active businesses or nonprofits operating since at least June 1, 2019

  • Businesses must currently be operating or have a clear plan to re-open once the State of California permits re-opening of the business

  • Business must be impacted by COVID-19 and the health and safety restrictions such as business interruptions or business closures incurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Business must be able to provide organizing documents including 2018 or 2019 tax returns or Form 990s, copy of official filing with the California Secretary of State, if applicable, or local municipality for the business such as one of the following: Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Organization, Fictitious Name of Registration or Government-Issued Business License

  • Business must be able to provide acceptable form of government-issued photo ID

  • Applicants with multiple business entities, franchises, locations, etc. are not eligible for multiple grants and are only allowed to apply once using their eligible small business with the highest revenue

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Holiday Support for SF Restaurant Families: Christmas Giving Tree

If you are a San Francisco restaurant or hospitality worker that has been impacted by the effects of COVID-19,  you can request to be matched with a San Francisco Secret Santa to provide gifts for your child/children before Christmas. 


If you are interested in supporting SF Restaurant Families Christmas Giving Tree, you can learn more about donating here.

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Call to Action: Tell San Francisco City Leaders Our Restaurant Industry Needs Help Now!

Restaurant Owners, Operators, & Employees: we need your help!
Tell San Francisco City Leaders that the restaurant industry needs help now by sending GGRA’s pre-written email asking our local government to take action by:
  • Immediately providing more financial aid to restaurant workers that have been furloughed/laid off, or lost a significant amount of their income from this ban on outdoor dining.
  • Providing more financial relief for small businesses. We need more financial relief options from the local, state and federal government.
  • Providing businesses with more time to comply with future health orders. A two-day notice is not enough time for our restaurants to pivot or shut down operations without taking a considerable financial loss.
  • Providing clear, digestible criteria for making shutdown decisions. Going forward, there needs to be more accessible data explaining why San Francisco is issuing shutdown decisions for certain activities ahead of the State, like for banning outdoor dining.
Please find the directions and email templates in our latest newsletter here and make your voice heard:
Thank you for support.

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GGRA Signs IRC Letter to Congress

Today, the GGRA joined 183 San Francisco restaurants in signing a letter from the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) urging Congress to pass the RESTAURANTS Act now.

You can find a pdf of the letter here.

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