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GGRA Advocates for Permanent Commission Cap on Third-Party Food Delivery Services

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday, June 22nd to make the temporary 15% commission cap on third-party food delivery services permanent.

In order to avoid a gap between the expiration of the current fee cap and the effective date of this legislation, the Board passed the legislation in its current form. There continues to be work to finalize amendments that will allow operators additional flexibility with third-party delivery companies. 

We anticipate these amendments to be formalized July 8th in the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee. The final legislation is expected to include:

  • A permanent 15% commission cap on delivery

  • Allowance for up to a 3% credit card pass through

  • Allowance for separate contracts for services outside of delivery such as marketing, consumer discounts, etc.

You can find GGRA’s Support Letter here. We will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

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